usb current sensor with many outputs

The AutoBlock AMP is designed to give you a better understanding of how much current is flowing within your system. Simply place a wire through the large opening and let the AutoBlock AMP measure, record and display what you want to know. A digital link via a USB cable can be used to display, graph and log instantaneous current flow.

Alternatively, display instantaneous current flow on a re-purposed tachometer (we like to call it a "Tach-Ammeter") and estimated state of charge with virtually any fuel gauge. Set up an output signal to trigger at whatever SOC level you see fit. You can program the specifics of these outputs through a one-time software setup.

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product features

Want to know how many amps your motor is pulling or how much juice you are giving your batteries? Count some Coulombs? Drive a gauge? You need a current sensor-our AutoBlock AMP can do all of this and more:

  • MEASURE - Current flow up to 1000 AMPS in both direction
  • HIGH RESOLUTION and FAST - down to less than 1/4 of an Amp at 60 times a second
  • ISOLATED - Hall-effect sensor is galvonically isolated from the high voltage system
  • OUTPUT - Digital communication via USB or directly drive almost any original or aftermarket fuel gauge or "tach-ammeter"
  • SEALED AND AUTOMOTIVE GRADE - Automotive grade connectors (IP67) for easy wiring, durability and waterproof
  • GUARANTEED - We fully believe in its durability, if something goes wrong (short of you cutting it in half) we will exchange it
  • GREAT SUPPORT - we added a forum specific to the AMP for documentation, community input and development

setup and installation

The AutoBlock AMP is easy to install and use. The large 1" hole allows many sized wires to pass through. Simply bolt it down or wire-tie to something using the two 1/4" holes.

A basic setup of the AutoBlock AMP is shown here. A large gauge cable passes through the AutoBlock AMP. The magnetic field created by electricity flowing through this cable is measured by a Hall-effect sensor inside the AutoBlock AMP. This analog signal is filtered, scaled, calibrated and finally converted to digital amperage value. If we keep track of how much current has passed through a particular cable over a certain time period, we are able to get a pretty close estimation of how much energy is left in a battery pack or, in other words, state of charge.

The AutoBlock AMP can then display the SOC or instantaneous current on your car's original (or aftermarket) gauges or via USB to a computer using our "Open-API packet structure".

configuration and display

We are using software to configure the AutoBlock AMP for two reasons. One, there are millions of combinations of gauges, settings and configurations. Secondly, We didn't want any moving parts on the product.

Our software is open source, cross platform and easy to use. It allows a high degree of flexibility when fine-tuning gauge end-points (Empty and Full), setting the capacity of your pack, or when you want the warning light to come on. Source code and more information is found here.


durability and guarantee

Countless hours have gone into the AutoBlock AMP and now we have finally arrived at the product we set out to build. Other than having the right hardware and software features our biggest design constraint was durability. The first step was to eliminate moving parts in the design. From there we ensured nothing would move by filling the case with epoxy. In order to fight corrosion, weakness, and excessive weight a anodized alloy case is used. Finally the two 1/4" holes ensure secure mounting.

To show our dedication to durability we are guaranteeing the AutoBlock AMP. All defective units will be replaced. We also believe in rigorous testing. So we are sending the AutoBlock AMP to the South Pole to ensure that it can survive in even the harshest of climates.

availability and shipping


whats in the box?

  • AutoBlock AMP
  • 18" pigtail
  • sealed 6' USB cable
  • USB waterproof cap
  • Quick start guide