Tesla LIN BUS Hacking with Macchina

We are super excited to see that Otmar (of Zilla Fame) and Deb over at Cafe Electric have had some great success hacking a Tesla S! They are in the middle of building a stretched Voltswagen Van using a salvaged/crashed Tesla S as the power train.

As you can imagine, reviving a salvaged/crashed Tesla (or any car for that matter) is a tall order. Making things extra challenging is the added complexity of this advanced electric car's computer system. Their car was not happy after an accident, and the numerous errors showing up on the HMI was proof. One of these errors was as a result of a missing motorized louver in the front of the car. To fix this, they used Macchina to spoof the signals that would have been coming from the louver motor in order to trick the ECU into thinking everything was OK.

Check out their project here